c99 sushi

A selection of C99 sushi; each with a manual, a test-suite and under a liberal licence.

  • fastglc the iteration-free Gauss-Legendre quadrature method of I. Bogaert (GitLab)
  • chorner compensated Horner evaluation of polynomials (GitLab)
  • brent a port of Scipy's Brent minimisation to C99 (GitLab)
  • gstack a simple stack (GitLab)
  • fifo a first-in, first-out queue (GitLab)
  • pia calculate the area of intersection of polygons — a port of Norman Hardy's planimiter algorithm (GitLab)
  • cathetus the side of a right triangle given the hypotenuse and the other side (GitLab)
hello kitty sushi
Hello Kitty sushi by Precious Valdez, from Tina Ong's phenomenal mama blog