• fge a font for Frege's Grundgesetze der Arithmetik
  • bguq an improved quantifier stroke for Begriffsschrift


  • mvpoly a library for numerical calculations with multivariate polynomials
  • stečkin global optimisation algorithms based on a lemma of S. B. Stečkin
  • lcrp the Lipschitz constant for the radial projection on $\ell_p(\mathbb{R})$ and $L^p[0,1]$

cartography and technical illustration

  • vfplot plot two-dimensional vector fields
  • librtree a C11 R-tree library
  • cpt-city an archive of colour gradients
  • cptutils convert and manipulate GMT colour palette tables
  • dp-simplify decimate polyline data with the Douglas-Peucker algorithm


  • cdc-index index of reviews of Cahiers du Cinéma
  • vsd dictionaries of French conjugations for stardict
  • conj-man man-pages of French and Italian conjugations
  • c99-sushi standalone C99 modules

development links

PDP12 console
Console of the DEC PDP-12 (photo from RCP/RI)