gfs2xyz2D — dump scalar octree data in gerris (gfs) files to uniform grids in ASCII columns.


gfs2xyz2D [-h ] [-i ] [-o file] [-s variable] [-S ] [-v ] [-V ] file


The gfs2xyz2D utility reads gfs files produced by gerris2D(1) simulations and writes scalar fields defined in them to a uniform grid, as x, y, z ASCII column data.

Such output data can be processed with many other programs, in particular the GMT(1) suite of plotting programs.


-h, --help

Brief help.

-i, --index

Write the i, j indices instead of x, y values.

-o, --output file

Plot output to file rather than standard output.

-s, --scalar name

Specify the scalar quantity to extract from the file. The argument can be a GtsVariable such as "Vorticity", or a GtsFunction such as "(Vorticity/2.0 + U)". In the latter case take care to quote shell metacharacters.

-S, --sag

Add a sag(5) header to the output data.

-v, --verbose

Verbose operation.

-V, --version

Version information.


To extract the scalar field Vorticity from the simulation frame-2.0.gfs

gfs2xyz2D -v -s Vorticity -o v1.dat frame-2.0.gfs

Likewise, but extracting a function of the variables

gfs2xyz2D -v -s '(0.5 * (U + V))' -o v2.dat frame-2.0.gfs


J.J. Green ()


gerris2D(1), sag(5), GMT(1), sag2grd(1).